About the Blog:

We are a Christian blog offering Christian news, bible studies, books, movies, and music relating to God and Jesus Christ.

We also have a free online book discussion forum where we discuss literary devices and elements and how to see God in every story. 

As Christians, God has told us that we are not of the world, but that we are to be in the world (John 17) making a difference for good. And what are we to do while we’re in the world? Well, to make disciples of all nations by teaching and baptizing of course (Matt 28)! Being in the world allows us the opportunity to share Jesus Christ.

We have an obligation to help others see the world through a holy lens. God did not intend for us to only hang out with each other but meant for us to be salt and light to those who don’t know Him.

Here, in this space of the universe, we want to help you express your life in a way that inspires you to see God in all things and to share the good news of Jesus Christ with those around you.