Bible Journaling with Illustrated Faith

Bible journaling is the process of connecting with God through drawing, painting, and other art medium. It's a way to bring the Word to life!  This type of Bible study can help us to better focus on connecting with and remembering Scripture.

Want to know how to get started? See below!

Pondering our Faith: 7 Steps from Illustrated Faith

1. Spend time with God. Read a devotion, your Bible, listen to worship music, sing!

2. Pray. Thank Him, Praise Him, Petition Him. 

3. Write it. What is God showing you through His Word?

4. Draw it. Paint it. Stamp it. Let His Word come to life on the pages of your Bible. 

5. Date it. When you go back to this page and these verses, you'll remember how God spoke to you in those circumstances at that time.

6. Tab it. Use decorative tabs to connect themes you see in His Word and/or in your life.

7. Forget the Rules. Just connect with God!

Illustrating our Faith: Supplies


1. Journaling Bible

You need at least a single column Bible to allow the capture of notes, prayers, and to art journal what you have learned.

If you'd like more space, the Interleaved Journaling Bible might be a better fit. It features a full, blank page next to every page of Biblical text. See samples of both below.


2. Pens and Highlighters

From different forums, I've found the best pens to use are the Sakura 30063 6-Piece Pigma Micron Assorted Colors 01 Ink Pen Set because they don't bleed through to where they disrupt the text on the other side of the page. This set comes in different colors with tiny, fine tips. 

Illustrated Faith also has comparable pens in black that are guaranteed not to bleed onto the other side of the page. 

In addition to writing notes, highlighters are great for coding words or phrases in a passage or chapter of the Bible. The Zebra Eco Zebrite highlighters  have very little ghosting (showing through to the other side of the page) compared to others. I searched everywhere for these but could only find them on Amazon. 


3. Lots of Mediums 

Although having a journaling Bible and pens are the basic start-up supplies needed, Illustrated Faith offers many other mediums such as Paint, Stamping, Stickers, and Washi Tape


Really though, don't let your imagination stop there. As long as you're meditating on and learning Scripture, you're going down the right path! 


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