6 Beach Accessories You Absolutely Need To Make Summer Reading Easy And Fun!

Summer invokes visions of laying on the beach enjoying a good book and the ocean scenery or soaking up some sun poolside as the kids play in the pool. Here are some fun products to enhance the summer moments and make life a little easier.


Use these magnetic page markers in seashell and starfish designs to bookmark where you stopped reading and where you've found a great quote to go back to later. Use them as paper clips, magnets, and bookmarks. 


You need this page clip to help hold the pages of your book open while the ocean breezes have other ideas. It also acts as a way to hold your book so your hands can be relaxed. 

But, if you're not into hauling around a book, check out the new Kindle below!


The new Kindle Paperwhite E-reader is the bomb! It comes in black or white. But  I LOVE the white!

Some highlights: It has a higher resolution than older Kindle versions, NO SCREEN GLARE (like other tablets and smartphones), and the battery last weeks instead of just hours.


Just in case your Kindle (or smartphone) is on low battery, you might want to consider these Portable Solar Panel Power Banks. 

These would be perfect if you're taking a day trip to the beach and have no source of electricity around. 



And of course, who doesn't need a cold bottle vino to sip while loosing yourself in a good book? 

This Freezable Chill It Bottle Bag is designed to keep wine and other beverages nice and cold. It retains the beverage's refrigerator temp for up to an hour. 



This super fun Books on bookshelf Beach Towel is a must have for any book lover. 

Show off your imaginative style with the object of your passion - reading!

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