The Secret to Finding Your Purpose and Meaning of Life

You may not know what it is you’re supposed to do in your life. You may wonder about the purpose for which you are made. Or ask, "what is the meaning of life, my life."
The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.
— William Shakespeare

Many of you may know Kristin Chenoweth. She has appeared on Glee and The West Wing and in several movies such as RV with Robin Williams. She’s best known for her amazing voice and for originating the character of Galinda in the award winning Broadway musical, Wicked.

When she was young, she sang in her church choir where her incredible voice was discovered, and the rest is history.  She has gone on to win am Emmy, a Tony and other awards, starred in film, TV, Broadway, and has toured around the world sharing her voice.

In an interview she described her parents as not pushing her but encouraging her in her gift of voice. From a young age she knew her God-given gift and was encouraged to follow and subsequently achieve her dreams.

What makes Kristen even more interesting is that she’s only 4’11. Just a tiny, petite chick with a 6ft voice. Does God make up for any deficiencies we impose on ourselves or what?

As I was listening to her story and exploring her career, it occurred to me – how many people out there don’t really know what their God-given gift is. What their dreams and passions are. What their purpose is.

I know I never really knew. I’ve never had direction. I was jealous of her story.

When we’re young, we usually have a parent who recognizes where we are gifted and who encourages us in that gift.  But when you have a not so great parent, an absent one, or maybe even one of those narcissistic personality disorder ones like I had, you may not know how you are special.

You may not know what it is you’re supposed to do in your life. You may wonder about the purpose for which you are made. Or ask, "what is the meaning of life, my life."

So you flounder around in life, doing what society or those around you deem best. You may go after the career that pays the most money rather than one that you’ll enjoy. Or maybe you’ll decide to be a homemaker and stay home with the kids because someone said that’s what you should do (even though you know you’d make a great CEO that will change the business world as we know it). Or vice versa. 

Sooner or later, though. You’ll come to an end of yourself. You’ll feel an emptiness and a longing to go after this dream or passion that God placed in you before you were born. You know, the one you buried for so long while you tried to please others instead of Him.

You’ll have to stop and ask the Lord, “Please show me how to live the dream you have for me. Not my will but Yours be done.”

Psalm 37v4 says to delight yourself in the Lord and He’ll tell you your purpose, your dreams (my abbreviated version).

This verse doesn’t mean if you long for a yacht, a million dollars, or a husband that looks like Gerard Butler, that God will come through for you.

This verse means that if our hearts truly find peace and fulfillment in just knowing God, if we truly find satisfaction and our worth in Christ, He will give us the longings of our heart. 

He will reveal our dreams and passions to us. Which, by the way, will be what He had planned for us all along (Jer 1v5, Jer 29v11). 

If we head over to the Blue Letter Bible study tool, we can look up the word “delight” in the Lexiconc to find the more exact Hebrew and Greek definition. We find it means: pleasure, delicate, joyful, desire, make merry over.

Basically, to delight in the Lord is saying, “I want you to want me. To take pleasure in me. To feel light-hearted and joyful when you’re with me.” 

Let me show you a practical example of what this means. I remember feeling delight in the Lord one July 4th at the beach with my family. God Bless America was playing in the background while gorgeous fireworks were lighting up the sky. Not wanting to be left out, the ocean waves were making their own background music as they crashed onto the beach. An added bonus was watching the kids dance around with their red and blue glow sticks.

In that moment I felt so happy and thanked God for creating everything I was experiencing: music, the ocean, my children, those around us who were also celebrating, my sweet land of Liberty, and whoever created fireworks! I was delighting in the Lord.

Now one important part of this moment I should tell you about is that my marriage was in the toilet at the time. Why is it important to throw that bit of info in here? Because even in the middle of heartache, we can delight ourselves in the Lord.

If you are struggling to find your way in this world – to find your purpose, next career move, your passion, your dream, the secret is to take delight in the Lord, and He promises to let you in on all those desires of your heart you weren’t even sure you had.

Two Ways to Delight:

1.       Know Him. Read the Word, pray, and spend quiet time with Him. What is quiet time? Well, exactly what it sounds like. Sit there, alone. In silence.

Talk to God as if you were talking to a friend (out loud or in your mind) about what’s on your heart. He already knows what you’re thinking so might as well go ahead and actually say it.

After you get that off your chest, tell Him thank you for listening and repeat His promises back to Him in prayer.

2.       Repeat His promises over and over to yourself throughout your day. When negative thoughts creep in, quickly turn to scriptures of promise. Don’t just repeat them. Believe them.

P.S. Before you leave, take a moment and listen to Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel belt out a fantastic rendition of the song, For Good from the musical Wicked. It will help you see how to delight in the Lord by appreciating others’ gifts.

Afterall, whatever your purpose is, whatever plan God has for you, it will always involve using your gift for the good of others. 

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