We’re happy you want to join us!  First things first, sign up below to be added to the discussion forum. Once you sign up, you will receive an email that will explain what happens next (check spam, under promotions or social). In the meantime, please take a moment to read the FAQs and Forum Guidelines below. 

Frequently Asked Questions. 

What is the reading choice this month?

We post the books we’ll be reading here. It's the main WRC Book Club page. 

Do I need a study guide? Where do I get the book?

No. Discussion questions and Bible references will be available in the forum. The only purchase you need to make is the book itself. Go here to click on the book and be taken to the purchase page. 

On the purchase page,  you may choose either a physical book, an electronic version and/or the Audible version. Usually, it's just another few dollars to get the Audible version. 

Speaking of Audible. What exactly is it?

Audible produces downloadable audio books. So, you can listen to books instead of or in addition to reading them. I first discovered Audible when searching for help with my daughter's reading homework. She's learning disabled and has a hard time reading. Audible was the answer because she could listen as she followed along. 

I LOVE Audible for myself because I can listen to the book while riding my bike. And think of all the other times you could be listening to the book: cleaning the house, commute to work, waiting in the carpool line, while watching the kids at the pool, etc...

Audible has a 30 day trial period where you get one book free. Cancel before your trial ends and you are not charged a dime. After 30 days, it's $14.95 a month for one book per month (which is about the price of a physical book anyway) and 30% off an additional books you purchase. You can cancel anytime and still keep all your books. Click here for more info and to make sure the pricing is still the same. 

How do I participate in the forum discussions?

You will receive an email from SLACK (the software that runs our forum) with directions for setting up your login. When you log into Slack (the forum), you can choose a Channel (the book you are reading), and the questions will be listed in a pdf file there. 

Questions are meant to spur imagination and thinking. You may answer them directly in the forum or add an enlightenment you discover through thoughtful consideration of the questions. You can post your answers whenever you are ready, and you can also share your own questions, thoughts, and favorite quotes about the book if you like.

What is the reading schedule?

There is no reading schedule.  Sometimes we offer two books per month, and some of us read a couple books at the same time or read one and then the other.  So that these folks can participate, we don't set a schedule.  The forum will be open for 3 months per book, so if you get behind, no worries! Just pop in to gain inspiration and wisdom from others as you read.

Can my friends join the group too?

We love that you want to share the Book Club with others, but the only way to add friends is to send them to our main WRC Book Club page and let them sign up themselves.  We must follow online ISP rules which state we may not add people to groups without their permission. But please do invite them! The more wisdom the better!

Can we share prayer requests?

We have a special Channel in the Forum called prayer-requests. Please only use this space for prayer requests. This way, they are all in one place so any prayer warriors can go straight to that section so nothing gets missed.